Friday Update – October 5, 2018

Posted By on October 5, 2018

Window Washing Update

The window washers have completed the south elevation and are currently on the west elevation of the building. Please see the schedule posted in the mailroom which provides specific details and updates. Be advised that the schedule is subject to change. Remember that the Association is not able to clean residential balcony windows. If you would like to have your balcony windows and/or interior windows cleaned, please contact Joe with DMS Window Cleaning at (619) 520-9165 for a free quote!

Preconstruction Update

Management would like to urge all owners who have been contacted by Nautilus to schedule their investigations accordingly. Please note that postponing the scheduling process will also delay the investigation phase. In the event that you have not been contacted or have any questions or concerns regarding the schedule, please contact Lindsay O’Donnell. See below for her contact information.

Lindsay O’Donnell

Office: (858) 939-1536

Mobile: (619) 323-6794

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding reconstruction, please contact the Management Office.

Kettner Traffic Complaints

As you may know, the pedestrian crossing at Kettner Blvd and “A” Street can be challenging and dangerous. Members requested that contact information for traffic enforcement be provided to the membership so that residents can report incidents as they occur. In researching for the best contact to provide, it was determined that complains should be made to City Council Member, Chris Ward, in order to address this issue. Residents are also instructed to contact the Traffic Division to report incidents. Please find the Traffic Division and Chris Ward’s contact information below:

Traffic Engineer


Chris Ward


Please make sure to copy the General Manager, Greyson Connelly, on all emails. Please contact the Management Office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Cart Reminders

Please be reminded that residents may not utilize their neighbors carts located in the garage without consent from their neighbors first. All residents are encouraged to purchase a wheeled cart for their own convenience. Note that only one (1) cart per unit is allowed to be stored in the garage. Be advised that the Association has one (1) small wheeled cart that may be available for use in the event that one is needed.

Committee Formation Requests

During the August 27th Board of Directors meeting, a member of the Association requested that the Board permit the formation of a new Neighborhood Committee. The Neighborhood Committee will serve the purpose of monitoring public and/or private initiatives to evaluate the impact of those initiatives on the Sapphire Tower property and membership.

Also, the Association is still looking for members to volunteer on one or more of the following Committees:

Landscaping—Requires two (2) additional members to activate the Committee.

Social—Requires three (3) members to activate the Committee.

Please fill out a Committee Volunteer form and submit the form to Management if you are interested in participating on one or more of the Association’s Committees. Feel free to contact Management if you have any questions or concerns relating to Committee involvement.

Resident Guests Reminders

Management would like to remind all residents that guests must be accompanied by residents at all times when in the common areas. This includes, but is not limited to the Fitness Center, Club room, BBQ area and the Pool and Spa. Please contact management with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you!

BBQ Instructions

As a courtesy to all those that utilize the BBQ, please ensure that you clean the grill so that others can enjoy it throughout the day. Cleaning the grill can be completed by running the flame to char any remaining food debris on the grill, which can then be scraped off by utilizing one of the wire brushes located in the BBQ drawer.

Also, as a helpful reminder, please find the operating instructions for the BBQ below:

  1. Open the grill hood completely. Examine the interior to be sure it appears normal. Do not attempt to light the grill with the hood closed.
  2. Turn the burner control knobs to OFF position.
  3. Push in the burner control knob and verify that the hot surface igniter glows. The hot surface igniters are located inside the flashtubes.
  4. After the glowing is verified, hold the knob pushed-in for 5 seconds then turn the knob counter clockwise to the biggest flame marking on the bezel. Continue to hold the knob pushed-in for 5 seconds until you see or hear a flame. Then release the knob.
  5. Caution: if ignition does not take place within 5 seconds, turn knob to the off position, wait for 5 minutes and repeat step 4. (Do not use a lighter or matches to light the grill.)
  6. Allow the grill to pre-heat on HI level (the biggest flame) for 5 minutes with the hood closed.

A laminated copy of these instructions is located in the prep-station drawer near the BBQ. Should you have any questions regarding any of these rules or reminders, please contact the Front Desk.

Resident’s Corner

*BOARD MEETING NOTICE—The next Board meeting has been scheduled for Monday, October 22nd, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. in the second floor Clubroom. All owners are encouraged to attend. We hope to see you there!

*OKTOBER FEST—Music Box partners and Downtown San Diego have joined together to host the first ever Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 6th, from noon to 10pm and on Sunday, October 7th, from noon to 7pm! The 21+ event will include traditional German music, entertainment booths, themed contests, food and beer! The event will be held in front of the Music Box on India Street between Ash and “A” Street. Please see the attached flyer or visit for more information!

*BUILDING SCHEDULE—Please see the building schedule posted in the mailroom for information on items taking place throughout Sapphire. Please contact the Manager Assistant, Jazmin Seaton, via email at for all elevator, Clubroom and contractor scheduling requests.

*Upcoming Events:

¨ Wednesday, October 10—14   International Film Festival will be held in various locations, 818-2221 / /

Please check or or for additional events in San Diego.

*Do you have any ideas or information you would like to share? Please contact the Management office or speak with the front desk regarding upcoming community events you would like us to include.


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